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[FREE DL] Life & Limb - Before the Flame and Flood - 320 mp3

I’ve known Mike McGuire aka Short Stories + 1/2 of Life & Limb for just about as long as i’ve been doing this whole crazy Udachi thing.. First official gig i got was with him booking me at Monkey Town in Brooklyn. I played a crappy electro house set on ableton w/ all the tracks time compressed all bad to like 5 really enthusiastic mexicalts requesting Crystal Castles. Cut to 4-5(?) years to the present, i managed to reconnect and collab with Mike on our single “Stumble”. This was my first real attempt to work with a vocalist, and needless to say (even after my poor mix-down job) i was extremely happy with the results.  Most recently Mike and his partner Populous (Andrea) teamed up on this incredible dreamy lo-fi esque (poppy? man i can’t even categorize it it’s just AMAZING) project called “Life & Limb”. After hearing an early cut of their album i was super stoked to tackle the remix of “Before the Flame and Flood”. Which for me conjures feelings of wistfulness, staring into the distance of a foreign city skyline kind of vibe.
Truth be told the original is just as emotive if not more satisfying than my version, but i was so captivated by the vocals and melodies that i came in on a creative high and managed to put a lot of thought and love into a well crafted remix that’s not my usual “wah wah womp womp” hands in the air style, without sacrificing any kind of “dancy” aspect of the tune. Coupled by absolutley stunning & warm mastering work by The Tone Chaser of Megasonic Sound I’d say this is the perfect summer download for ye’ ole’ ipod or media music player. 

So to cut the fluff crap in half, here’s the meat and the bonez of that whole paragraph i just wrote above..

enjoy a free download of Life & Limb’s - Before the Flame and Flood (Udachi Remix) feel free to share! If you’re amazing, and i know you are pls embed this widget in your blog <3 Disclaimer: This will sign you up for the mailing list of Udachi AND Life & Limb, we’re not spammers and obviously you can un-subscribe at any time.. but why would you want to?!

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